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How CommuniGator Combats Bot Activity

Email Marketing is a big player in a Marketer’s arsenal, and if the results they generate aren’t accurate it can have a far-reaching impact across the marketing strategy. If the precious opens and clicks are triggered by error, then it can cause follow up activities to be initiated by mistake. This is the threat email bots pose. They have the potential to disrupt email campaign results by appearing as false clicks and opens, with bot activity often indistinguishable from the real interactions.
CommuniGator has incorporated a number of methods to prevent the impact of bot activity, but knowing how they work, how to spot them and how to reduce their impact can lead to a stronger, more robust marketing strategy.

What we’ve covered in this guide: 

1. What are email bots?
2. How can bot activity affect my marketing results?
3. Spot the activity of bots at a glance
4. Avoiding bot damage
5. Additional solutions

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