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Once upon a time, in a little estate called Peper Harow, there was a Great Business, with sharp teeth, green skin and serious eating problem, and this is how the Great Business came to be…

A long time ago, in an enchanted town called Guildford, two wizards of marketing, sales and technology, known as Leeus and Aaronite, had fallen into a murky swamp, wasting so much time with manual email marketing and saw a niche to create a cutting teeth (edge) digital email platform.

On a dark stormy night in 2005, they gathered around a bubbling cauldron, concocted a spell and dropped in a tooth of an Alligator, the hair of determination and the foot of a Silver Bear. The pot began to spit, spill and crack and into a big, beautiful, cloud of green smoke, CommuniGator was born, a suite of products that rolled all ‘Marketing Automation’ into one snappily fine platform.

How would they care for such a Great Business alone the wizards thought, so they employed Gators from every corner of the country with a special love of good food and booze, oh and of course with a special set of digital marketing skills, to help grow the Great Beast and together they began to pass on the product to many many other lovely businesses to help them become better and more efficient marketers.

So if you are hungry and thirsty enough to join the Great Business with green skin and sharp teeth, apply for one of our roles below and join us in our big, beautiful cloud of green smoke.

Careers at CommuniGator

Company Perks


Ride to Work Scheme

40% Off Your Ride to Work

A perfect incentive to work for a company that supports a passion for Lycra!
So if you are a Lycra lover and fancy a healthy trip to work on your two wheels then we will help with the cost of a bike to aid your plight.


Pool Table & Tournaments

We Like To Play!

We have our very own CommuniGator branded pool table, so if you fancy your chances, join our competition ladder and reign supreme! Rules are you can challenge anyone up to 3 spaces above you! Simples.


Corporate Gym Membership

Swim, Workout or Take a Class

We’ve struck up a great partnership with Charterhouse Gym and so anyone with an aspiring need to build up lot of muscles, then take great advantage of our corporate gym membership. It’s cheap as chips!


Annual Conference Ball

Get Your Glad Rags On!

For the fifth year running, and each year an improved version, we host an annual customer conference each year, which is a great opportunity to bring our customers together to share the latest thought leadership in this space, product insights but generally a chance to put your glad rags on and dance the night away with lots of good food and drink.


Legendary Socials

We're Not Just Colleagues, We're Family

CommuniGator is not shy of a party or two. Whether it’s for an incentive for sales, or a customer conference or just because we want to, we arrange regular shin digs down the local drinking establishment to relax after a tough day in the office.


Pension Scheme

Looking To The Future

Naturally, all companies now have to offer a company pension scheme and CommuniGator is no exception. We have a contributory pension scheme where we pay additional money into your pension scheme as long as you do. What’s not to love about that?


Our Workspace

Take In The Atmosphere in Our Converted Barn

Finally, last but not least is our home, our sanctuary, our place to work. We operate out of a beautiful converted barn in the Peper Harrow Estate. It’s a great location and we’re just about to undergo and super duper whizzy new office re fit, so we’ll be the coolest place in town to work!

Meet the team


Jonathan Pryer

Email Developer

My journey at CommuniGator started over two years ago and to this day, I still don’t mind getting out of bed on a Monday! I can honestly say that in all of my career, I have never worked in such a relaxing environment as we have here at Gator. The directors/management team are full of respect for my work and have helped me grow into the diverse email/web developer that I am today.


Richard Wall

Marketing Executive

You become part of the family almost instantly; everyone is approachable, and the pool table is a good way to get to know people who you don’t work with regularly. The culture in the marketing team is very open; if you have an idea you have the freedom to test it and judge the results. Very happy I made the move from client-side!


James Wiltshire

Product Specialist

CommuniGator has really enabled me to kick off my career from starting as a graduate and learning different skills to being where I am today. Lee and Aaron have always had faith in me and have been fully supportive to helping me push to do the job that I want to do. The social aspect at CommuniGator is really great too as we often have regular socials which enables you to communicate with other teams that you wouldn’t be involved with on a day to day basis.


Grace Robers

Finance & HR Executive

For a lot of people, it’s a case of all work and no play, whereas at CommuniGator, it’s a family environment, the people you work with become your best friends, it’s a ready-made social life, and there’s nothing better than enjoying the company of the people you spend 80% of your days with. Nothing beats the views around us either, being slap bang in the middle of the Surrey countryside, is second to none, with such an open, bright office it makes coming to work a pleasure, never a chore.


David Manning

Sales Executive

There is an overwhelming sense of community within CommuniGator with a fantastic bunch of friendly people and a focus on a good social scene. From a position of not having worked in an office environment previously, CommuniGator has enabled me to develop and progress over the last year and a half to positions with more responsibility. The freedom to be able to go for a walk and clear your head in the surrounding fields and woods is also a great advantage of the location.

Sophie Pryer

Sophie Best

Account Manager

I have worked at CommuniGator for the past 2 months and I have loved every second of it. The team is extremely welcoming and supportive, the office is atmospheric and lively and I have never felt as though I cannot ask a question. Coming from a completely different industry I was very unsure about starting my new venture, however I can honestly say that this has been the perfect move for me. The working environment at Gator is one to make you look forward to Mondays again.

Meet our clients

Join the family

Our Annual Gator Conference is our favourite time of year in the Gator office. It’s a brilliant opportunity to meet our customers, old and new, to bring them the best of the best in todays marketing world. Our conference is famous for being two days filled with a lot of laughing as well as hard work with the guarantee to walk away feeling inspired. Take a look for yourself;

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