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Marketing Automation Software

Automate Your Marketing With The CommuniGator Platform


Right people. Right time. Right content.

  • Tailor relevant content to people based on preferences.
  • Base your campaigns on prospects individual interactions in your emails.
  • Generate quality leads for your business.

Manage your marketing in one place

  • Integrate your marketing automation directly into your CRM.
  • Segment data & create targeted marketing campaigns across all channels.
  • Handle your lead generation, email marketing & other digital channels in one location using our marketing automation software

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CommuniGator Marketing Automation Platform Features


Email Marketing

Easily create, segment, target, send, track & report on your email campaigns.

Use email marketing software to create, collect, test and track individuals movements with your emails.



Target leads with relevant content based on their individual interactions.

For ease of use, efficiency and effectiveness, there is no equal for automated email workflows.



Gain the ability to automatically respond to website behaviour with your email campaigns.

Create a personalised email remarketing campaign. Follow up with your website visitors based on their buyer journey.


Drip Marketing

Capture your leads with a consistent email experience.

Pre-plan your messages well in advance and even base content on what your website leads interact with.


Data Segmentation

Drill down & custom target your marketing campaigns to your rules.

The data you gather from your customers and store in your CRM gives you the ability to create relevant and timely messages.


Reporting & Data Analysis

Report on individual email recipients behaviour throughout their web & email journeys.

Get your website and CRM data updated almost instantaneously with real-time reporting.


Landing Pages Creator

Create dedicated landing zones for your email campaigns that match your website.

Landing zones allow you to create a place your email subscribers have already connected with.


Dynamic Content

Personalise your email campaigns for each individual leads’ needs.

Dynamic content is smart content. It adapts to your reader’s needs.


Social Media Automation

Strategically use social media to boost your lead channel.

Social media automation software allows you to schedule posts ahead of time.


Event Management

Increase attendance, registration & promotion from one platform.

Create, promote and manage your marketing events all from one platform.


Digital Publishing

Create & track PDF downloads, from pages to time spent reading.

With a digital publishing platform, enrich your website content by creating publications you can track.


Survey Software

Qualify leads, measure customer satisfaction and enhance company culture.

GatorSurvey is a tool that allows you to easily build surveys using a drag and drop editor.

Automatically nurture your leads

  • Send your cold leads directly into a lead nurturing campaign.
  • Re-market to website leads based on their behavior.
  • Automate your marketing to create sales-ready leads.

Gain more from CommuniGator marketing automation

Use the CommuniGator marketing automation suite of technologies to bring your sales and marketing teams together.

See everything from website activity to email engagement in one place. Keep an eye on your pipeline from start to finish.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation Software is a suite of technologies that allows you to plan, build and report on your marketing campaigns automatically. With marketing often falling down at one hurdle or another, whether it be concept or delivery, a marketing automation platform helps you anticipate and execute marketing strategies successfully. Saving time and resources in the process.

Why you need automated B2B marketing software?

Let’s face it. Your prospects don’t care about your business. They care about what is relevant to their needs. To make sure you are marketing to those needs, you need a long-term strategical approach driven by your customer insight. To get there, you need a marketing automation tool that allows you to focus on the results of a campaign rather than the structure and execution.

How B2B marketing automation is the solution?

With tracking technology, you can visualise how and why your prospects act the way they do throughout your marketing campaigns. This allows you to adapt your marketing campaigns until you get the results your pipeline needs. Once you see the real behaviour within your campaigns, you’ll be able to produce results more accurately too.