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GoldMine CRM Integration

Exceptional CRM integration from GoldMine 7.5 to 2013

GoldMine CRM and GatorLeads integration

With our lead generation software, GatorLeads, integrating with GoldMine you can manage your website leads within your CRM. From assigning them to the right account manager to seeing what they looked at on the website, when they went on your site and their lead score. With this level of integration, you can make sure you’re always keeping track of what your pipeline leads are doing on your website.

Align your sales and marketing within GoldMine

With our lead generation & CRM integration, you have the ability to capture, track and manage leads throughout your sales cycle. With this information at your fingertips, you can plan, execute and measure marketing activities from start to finish within GoldMine. Demonstrate what your marketing is achieving, align it with sales targets and improve your conversions. Together.

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Improve your data management and reporting

Import your GoldMine data into CommuniGator from within your CRM and have the activities written back against the record within GoldMine. All your data from website journeys, survey responses, and social media activity will be recorded in a dedicated history table in the GoldMine CRM database. Allowing you to access the data you need from one place.

GoldMine CRM integration model

With the ability to transfer campaign data, map custom fields and use web capture to collect additional data for your GoldMine CRM, CommuniGator’s integration offers you unrivaled ease of use. You can now provide an individual experience for each of your contacts with a ‘single view’ of their journey within GoldMine.

Manage your marketing campaigns with GoldMine

Using CommuniGator’s CRM integration, you can effectively manage every facet of your marketing. From lead generation and website activity to email, social and event campaigns. Create highly bespoke and targeted campaigns for your contacts based on their interactions and recorded behaviour with your digital assets.

Our GoldMine support service

Our GoldMine CRM integration is designed to support all your marketing processes. With our team of CRM experts and developers on hand, we can work together to create an integration you need. Our CRM integration is always developing to make every integration process as seamless as possible.