Integration Deployment

The ability the analyse all your marketing in a single view database is key to efficient planning and reporting. Here at CommuniGator, we know how important that is. We also appreciate that there are a lot of CRM platforms out there, as well as bespoke solutions.

For that reason, we integrate with them all! Yes, that even means we have a middleware solution for your independently developed solution.
So with our inclusive integration service, you can:

Track your website visitors and their activities from your CRM

View essential lead data, such as score and visit history, updating in real-time
Manage lead and customer ownership from your CRM
Manage lead and customer ownership from your CRM
Manage and segment your data
Report on your email and PPC campaigns
Map your CRM data to personalise your campaigns with dynamic content
Find your lead source using our UTM tracker
Track your PPC and social media campaigns
Discover your most popular website and email content in your contacts activity
Analyse and improve your lead generation tactics to push more prospects through the sales pipeline
Identify upsell opportunities to customers
Identify upsell opportunities to customers
Track phone calls from your sales team

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We integrate with:

Got a bespoke CRM Solution?

Don’t worry, we cover that too! We have an open API that allows you to integrate with us, allowing you to access, push and pull data from your CRM to your CommuniGator account.