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Lead Nurturing

Automatically send emails relevant to your target audience using lead nurturing software. Hit the mark by giving your leads what they want, when they want with your targeted campaigns.

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is the process of informing your leads with information relevant to their situation in order for them to warm up to the idea of buying from your business. It focuses on using trackable interactions to give your leads what they are already asking for. With traditional lead nurture, you can see the companies on your website and add contacts you don’t have into a relevant lead nurture campaign. Warming your leads up before they hit sales lap. Eliminating endless hours of unsuccessful cold calling.

Why you need lead nurturing software

Lead nurturing software means that you can treat your website leads like people you interact with face to face. Knowing exactly what they are interested in will give your sales and marketing teams a personal touch that your competitors won’t have. Saving both teams time, which we all know is few and far between.

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The ins and outs of auto nurturing

Using trackable interactions, we can show you the entire website steps your leads have taken. We’ll then create a nurture campaign that you can add contacts into automatically based on their killer values and website actions. Expand your contact list with relevant targets, from companies visiting your website, and speak to them about the things they are interested in. Automatically.

Integrating sales & lead nurturing campaigns

Using auto nurture campaigns, you can add contacts not in your database, target them by job title, industry or previous engagement history, and add them into the relevant campaign. You can even send specific campaigns based on which marketing channel leads have come from. This allows you to determine what your audience receives, based on who they are AND how they interact.

Lead nurturing for B2B marketing

With dynamic content that’s right for your audience, you can automate any number of lead nurturing campaigns. However varied the individual needs and requirements, you can sit back and let the technology sort the targeting of the relevant campaigns you’ve created. Warm up your leads without lifting a finger.

Why use CommuniGator’s lead nurturing software?

As hardcore CommuniGator users our self; company wide, our lead nurturing software doesn’t just rely on what we know works. No, we use tracking tools to tell you what your audience want more information on. We take the guesswork out of lead nurturing.