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IP Lookup Software

Find out which businesses are on your website via their IP address and get in contact with key decision makers from those companies. it’s IP visitor identification as its easiest.

What is IP lookup software?

IP lookup software is a tool that allows you to identify the IP addresses of the website visitors landing on your website. Everyone has an IP address (like a postcode) which identifies them. We work to establish the IP addresses of the businesses on your website.

How IP visitor identification works

Using IP lookup, we can identify the companies on your website. From there, we delve into our database to tell you the employees of those companies, so you can get in contact with the individual key decision makers. Once you have their email address, you can PURL them to track their individual movements on your website.

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Why you need IP identification software

Your website is your shop window. If you don’t keep an eye on who is coming into your shop, how will you know who to sell to? Using IP identification, you can target prospects and leads that are already showing an interest in your business.

Using IP identification in your pipeline

You don’t have to be a technical guru to use IP lookup software. Simply log in to the GatorLeads platform to see who is on your website every day. Within their profile, you’ll see the company details, contact details and more. How much simpler could identifying your website leads get?

Including IP visitor identification in your B2B marketing

With IP visitor identification, you can enhance both your sales and marketing teams performance. For sales, the ability to identify website leads will speed up their sales pipeline and allow them to focus on interested leads first. For marketing, you’ll be able to see which target audiences your inbound marketing campaigns are bringing to your website. From there, you’ll be able to tailor your communications accordingly.

Why use CommuniGator’s web visitor IP lookup?

Well, that’s easy. We offer one of the highest web visitor identification match rates around. Even if we can’t match the IP address from our database with millions of accounts, we’ll use a public provider to make sure you get the highest match rate possible.