CommuniGator’s Seamless Integration with Microsoft Dynamics

Sync and segment your data

Using our lead generation sync you can segment your data within an inch of its life. Whether you want to break down your data based on demographic data; location, business size, industry, job title or you want to prioritise your sales calling time based on website or email activity. Its all readily available from one single view. Effortlessly segment your email campaigns and increase your engagement through targeted marketing communications.

Real-time data direct from your CRM

See website and email activities in real time from your Dynamics CRM. From your leads very first interaction with your website to their entire website journey and their total lead score.

All data collected is fed directly into your CRM as it happens, creating one single view at your fingertips. That includes who owns the account and all notes collected along their buyer journey.

Drive dynamic campaigns from CRM

The reason our Microsoft dynamics integration is so seamless is down to the fact that both products talk to each other on an hourly basis. Uploading multiple campaign groups to CommuniGator with just a click of a button. You don’t have to worry about duplication or account status updates, our integration is intelligent enough to adjust to any rule you set. Meaning your marketing works better together.

Watch the video and see what you can achieve within Gator365

Create Microsoft Dynamics dashboards for Sales & Marketing

With our Microsoft Dynamics integration, you can create multiple dashboards that reflect your killer values for all teams to access. From marketing funnels to sales pipelines, you make the criteria as complex as you like. Whether it be leads from specific marketing channels, or leads based on their position in the buying journey. Ensuring your sales & marketing teams are targeting the right leads with the right information.

On hand support from Microsoft Dynamics experts

At CommuniGator we are advocates of practising what we preach. As hardcore users of Microsoft dynamics ourselves, we know the nifty tricks of the trade to maximise your lead generation and marketing automation CRM integration. And we are here to help. Whatever the question or enquiry, one of our team be it sales, marketing, support or account management. We are all focused on improving our customer experience.

Your solution for smarter email marketing & lead generation

The power of two dynamic platforms integrated seamlessly under one roof.
Connecting you with your data.

Manage all your Digital Marketing within Microsoft Dynamics
Combine your Lead Generation & Pipeline
Keep track of your entire prospect to customer journey
Real-time website and email data direct to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Generate, identify and nurture new leads at your fingertips
Segment your CRM data at an individual level
Execute dynamic driven email campaigns
View live lead activity direct from Dynamics
Support team ready to help
All your data is held within the UK
In-house development team
Dedicated account manager to help you along the journey

Generate and Nurture New Business Opportunities

Use Gator365 to trigger personalised, automated marketing campaigns direct from Microsoft Dynamics.

Multichannel Automation

It’s not all about email. Automate your marketing from other key channels; such as social media, paid-ads, events, PR. Identify where your leads are coming from and automatically send emails based on their interests from other sources. Ensuring all leads that land at sales door are warmed up and armed with the information they need.

Multichannel Reporting

Report on the progress and results of your marketing campaigns across all channels. After all, as modern marketers we don’t just use email. Create multiple reports based on your chosen criteria to analyse your key marketing efforts and identify your performing channels. Ensure sales are following up your paid for leads and identify where they are in the buying process from one simple view. Manage everything around your marketing in one place.

“CRM Integration was crucial, and CommuniGator has the expertise in-house to manage this effectively. It integrates so well, and enables us to track campaigns all the way back to a contact level”.

– Larmer Brown

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