CommuniGator’s Partnership Program

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Create a new revenue stream

Uncapped earning potential

Commission is paid for the lifetime of referrals

Integrated with your CRM to offer a seamless service

Create stickiness from your customers by providing more Minimal training and a clear process

So easy to do!

Free to join! No costs, start referring today

£ of business generated by current partners annually
% of world CRM systems with CommuniGator integration supported
Individuals Identified

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  • Point leads in our direction
  • We handle onboarding and support
  • You receive 15% of the monthly contract value, for the lifetime of the customer


  • Buy GatorSuite from us at a bespoke Partner Rate
  • Manage the clients yourself
  • Build GatorSuite into your own pricing mode


  • Designed for agencies
  • Send campaigns and generate reports on behalf of your clients
  • Prefered rates for mass sending


  • Use IP tracking to build on your PPC results
  • Match both companies and contacts to clicks
  • Add PPC leads to customised nurture campaigns

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Joint Marketing:

We will work with you to create a lead generation campaign directed at your current and prospect customers.

We can send this out on your behalf through GatorMail or you can choose to send it out yourself.

Partner Training:

You can start with a demo and once you’ve covered the basics, a 1 hour training session is all you need to be ready to tell your customers what’s on offer.

Support is ongoing so if you need to brush up or bring someone else onboard, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Generate Revenue:

The sky is the limit in what you can earn as a partner.

You can increase your opportunities by offering managed services and doing joint events with us.

And the more you sell, the higher the commission!

Introducing GatorLeads Freemium!

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“This rapid infusion of product functionality in a crucial part of the CRM offering, increases our product capabilities for the mid market”

Richard Bennington, Manager. Sage CRM Solutions

“The ROI of GatorLeads is so compelling we don’t even calculate it. The cost becomes completely irrelevant when you are looking at sales in the magnitude of £80K.”

Stuart McLaren Sales Director at ProspectSoft Ltd