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Digital Publishing Software

Create & track PDF downloads, from pages to time spent reading

What is digital publishing software?

With a digital publishing platform, enrich your website content by creating publications you can track. Promote published work, see who reads pages and how long they spend on them.

Improving your digital publication performance

PDFs no longer have to just sit on your website. Instead, they can optimise your SEO & have trackable servers telling you page views, clicked links, zooms and time spent on certain pages. You can even add multi-media!

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Your digital publishing platform

Use our digital publishing suite to convert your PDFs & design it to your branding. Then edit, crop, animate, add tabs and password protect if you wish. Every aspect of your document is adaptable with our digital publishing tool.

Integrating digital publishing into your website

Once published, your online print publication can be indexed by major search engines. Your web visitors will also have the ability to search for content within the online brochures. Move your content into a new digital dimension.

Digital publishing in the B2B marketing world

Content marketing is important. Enhancing your content can only help. Utilise your digital documents to their full potential with GatorDocs. Report on an increase in your content marketing results.

Why use CommuniGator’s GatorDocs

Our GatorDocs solution is one of the most advanced on the market and is designed to generate, nurture and report on new business opportunities within your website. We believe content marketing is changing. Our solution is here to help.