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OrderWise CRM Integration

Accurately measure your marketing with our OrderWise CRM integration

Integrate your lead generation

OrderWise Marketing creates efficiency by integrating with CommuniGator, with statistics on the number of opens and clicks shown directly within OrderWise for instant success rate insight.

Manage your pipeline in one place

By eliminating the need to manually transfer details and contact lists through seamless integration to these platforms, OrderWise Marketing automates the management of setting up marketing campaigns and easily tracking ROI.

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Data-driven CRM integration

With our OrderWise CRM integration, segment your email marketing lists into as much detail as possible. Automatically update your dynamic groups for campaign sends and create targeted marketing campaigns. Then get that campaign data fed directly back into Orderwise.

Measure your marketing results with OrderWise integration

Use your integrated CommuniGator data to determine the effectiveness of your campaigns from inside your CRM. Discover which marketing campaigns and channels are working and nurture leads through their individual preferences and behaviour.

Marketing automation with OrderWise integration

With your data held in one place, you can manage multiple campaigns. From lead generation to email marketing and social media activity. Create cross-channel marketing campaigns that are personal and influential from within OrderWise.

OrderWise account management

With an extensive marketing automation and CRM integration streamlining your tasks, you can focus on your marketing strategy. Track your ROI, determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and access that information on the go via mobile, tablet or desktop.