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Identify Companies Visiting Your Website

Use our company identification software to tell you which businesses want to work with you. Discover who your interested website leads are.

What is company identification software?

It’s just like website visitor identification. It can show you who the companies are on your website by tracking their IP address. That way, you can improve your B2B sales pipeline by contacting companies already showing an interest in your business. Beats cold calling, right?

Why you need IP company lookup?

It’s a dog-eat-dog world in online B2B sales. You need to know which companies are interested in your business before they contact you to get the sale. That’s where IP company lookup comes into it. With company contact details to hand, you can make a more effective sale sooner.

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How B2B company identification works for you

Every business has an IP address (like a postcode) which identifies them online. We use IP lookup to tell you which companies are visiting your website. Then we find out who their employees are so you can contact the right individuals.

Using company identification in your pipeline

IP lookup software doesn’t require any effort on your part. Simply log in to the platform to see which businesses are on your website every day and what their company details are. How much simpler could your sales pipeline get?

Including company identification in your B2B marketing

If you know which companies are interested in your business, you’ll know who your target audiences are. From there, customising your marketing campaigns just got a hell of a lot simpler. Don’t you agree?

Why use CommuniGator’s IP lookup?

If you want detailed web identification, there’s nowhere better to go than with us. Whether your focus is sales or marketing, we’re a machine that will churn out leads for your business. That’s not all we can do either