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CommuniGator vs Competition

Why our marketing automation software is the best for UK marketers

What is it that makes CommuniGator’s marketing automation the best in the B2B world? It’s simple. Unlike our competitors, we don’t just focus on email marketing. We combine all elements of lead generation, nurturing and reporting to create you a more robust marketing platform.

It’s all about generating and nurturing new business with us.

The top 3 reasons our clients choose us for marketing automation

  1. We offer a full marketing automation suite. From lead generation to email marketing, event management, and social media. We have a tool for every stage of your pipeline.
  2. We are the best choice for B2B marketers who want to use purchased data to email market to, and use reverse IP tracking where many US marketing software providers won’t.
  3. Our support service is the best-in-class. You’ll have your own dedicated marketing specialist who will help you develop, set up and analyse marketing campaigns, as well as give you advice within 8 hours.

CommuniGator vs Competition

CommuniGator vs Dotdigital

Email is just one part of our marketing automation platform

CommuniGator vs ClickDimensions

B2B marketing automation designed for any CRM

CommuniGator vs Pardot

Improve your marketing execution and reporting

CommuniGator vs Marketo

Our marketing automation is designed for your lead generation

CommuniGator vs MailChimp

We focus on more than just your email marketing

CommuniGator vs Eloqua

The easier UK marketing automation platform to use

CommuniGator vs Aurea

Automate more than just your email marketing

CommuniGator vs SilverPop

Connect, engage and convert more prospects with our platform

CommuniGator vs SharpSpring

More than just powerful marketing automation

CommuniGator vs Hubspot

Our marketing automation improves both inbound AND outbound marketing methods

CommuniGator vs Campaign Monitor

Do more with your marketing automation

GatorLeads vs Competition

GatorLeads vs Lead Lander

Your lead generation & website ROI reporting made easy

GatorLeads vs WhoIsVisiting

Generate and nurture more B2B leads with us

GatorLeads vs A1 Web Stats

Gain more than just website results

GatorLeads vs Canddi

Identify more than just 20% of your website traffic

GatorLeads vs IPfingerprint

See more than just who is looking at your website

GatorLeads vs Ruler

Taking your website tracking to an individual level

GatorLeads vs Kissmetrics

Lead generation & marketing insights working to improve your ROI