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Landing Page Creator

Tailor your email campaign experience beyond the emails and use specific landing pages that reflect your marketing message.

What is a landing page creator?

Landing zones allow you to create a place your email subscribers have already connected with. Create a page with content they are already familiar and engaged with to avoid the dreaded page bounce. Extending your content and website to specific and relevant landing zones.

Why you need a landing page builder

Imagine walking in thinking it’s a doctor’s, only to step inside and realise it’s a dentist’s. You’d leave, wouldn’t you? It’s the same with email marketing. Give your subscribers content they’ve already connected to, so they stay on your website longer.

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How landing page generators work

We’ll host the landing zone. You create and edit your own dedicated email campaign landing zone to look like a part of your website. Then use dynamic content to determine what content each of your email audiences reads.

Integrating landing pages into your email campaigns

Once you have a landing page with your website look and feel, along with the right content, you’re ready to enjoy the beneficial results that comes with it. From conversions to response rates and ROI, landing zones can only enhance your campaign results.

B2B marketing landing zones

Determine more than just an email campaign journey. Define where your subscribers go next, without having to get the web or IT teams involved. It’s marketing to the tenth degree, with equally outstanding results.

Why use CommuniGator’s landing page creator

Dedicated to delivering on every aspect of an email marketer’s to-do list, we like to go above and beyond. See for yourself in our competitor section how we deliver the goods to B2B UK marketers.