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Act! CRM Integration

Influential CRM integration in action with Act!
8 to 18.0.501.0 Update 7

Integrate Act! with your website lead generation

With GatorLeads integrated into your Act! CRM, you can see what your website is doing in terms of lead generation. From which CRM accounts are landing on your website to who holds the account, the lead score and more.

Manage your sales pipeline within your CRM

With our GatorLeads lead generation & Act! CRM integration, you have the ability to capture, track and manage leads throughout your sales cycle. See what is working for your leads, align your marketing and improve your conversions within Act!

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Sync Act! and CommuniGator for combined processes

Use the data in Act! to create dynamic content groups that you can push through to GatorMail and the Gator Suite for more insightful campaigns. Use the dashboards to send any campaign based on any value or action within your CRM activities for emails, surveys, website and social media. Once created, you can get the reporting directed back to your CRM.

Data from campaigns direct into Act! CRM

With Act! CRM integration, you can synch your contact records with their activities in our marketing automation suite. Automatically add or remove contacts from different lists & dashboards based on your defined rules and create campaign audiences direct in your Act! CRM for email marketing, social management and more.

Monitor marketing automation results

Once you start sending automated behaviour-based campaigns based on your CRM data, you can track your recorded activities within CRM. This includes email and survey results, allowing you to access reports within Act! Leverage the data stored within Act! to create more effective lead generation & nurturing campaigns.

Act! account management

With Act! Integration, you can expect an enterprise level integration with CommuniGator’s marketing automation platform. With our expert technical support and account management, we’ll show you through the CRM integration to make sure you can achieve what you’re looking to. With an open API, there are any number of bespoke integrations we can also achieve.