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Lead Management

Track your leads at every stage of the sales process. See which leads are sales-ready, when you last spoke and what communications they’ve had. Make your pipeline more transparent.

What is lead management?

Lead Management software is the most effective way to keep up with your sales-ready leads. Assign leads, segment them by custom categories and track their progress. All in one simple platform that keeps your sales pipeline as up to date as possible. Aligning your sales and marketing teams to ensure they are working from the same page.

Why you need a lead management tracker

Identifying leads is great, but there’s no ROI in lead identification. No, you need to see leads convert to sales. You don’t want one miscommunication to lose you a lead. See where your leads are every step of the way with a website lead tracker.

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The ins and outs of lead management software

A lead tracker allows you to see what’s working & what’s not in your sales cycle. From first interactions to emails they’ve received and who they’ve spoken to. Improve your lead management. Improve your conversion rate. The perfect bridge your sales and marketing teams need.

Integrating your lead management solution

Integrate your website lead generation and management directly into your CRM and never have another miscommunication between prospect and customer again. Or, set up alerts, identify your entire customer pot, your entire pipeline and your entire funnel through each stage. From one single view. The technology is designed to make your sales life simpler.

Sales lead management & marketing

Bring your sales and marketing worlds together with one simple pipeline. Get sales lead management that stops your marketing and sales teams bickering and produces results for both teams. Sales can see what marketing are up to, marketing can see what sales are up to, and everyone can see what their leads are up to.

Why use CommuniGator’s lead management tracker?

All our other features tie into our lead management tool, making your life about as simple as it could get. Why would you not want to use an all-in-one sales lead tool like ours? See what else we can tie into your package.