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Sales Leads

Use intelligent lead generation software to increase the number of leads on your website. Get expert technology and advice when it comes to increasing your sales.

What is a intelligent lead generation?

The right lead generation tool will gather you more sales leads by doing more than just using IP lookup. Using a multitude of tools, you can contact the right person at the right time with the right information. Not only generating more leads back to your website, but allowing your sales to identify and follow up effectively.

Why you need expert lead generation

If you want to increase your website ROI, finding out the companies isn’t going to be enough. You need to know who the key decision makers are, what they’re looking at and which of your marketing campaigns are bringing them in. Turbo-charging your sales strategy and increasing your pipeline.

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How lead generation suites work

With visitor identification & tracking, you can find out who is looking at what on your website. With that info, sales can target their leads more effectively and tailor their sales pitch. With additional reporting insights on top, marketing can also report which sources are working, including previously untraceable paid sources such as PPC.

Expert lead generation tools for sales

From identification to tracking and scoring, smart lead generation does it all. That way, sales can focus on their pitch rather than fluff about with admin. That part of the pipeline is all taken care of for you. It also allows your sales team to prioritise their activities, and only call their hot leads they know are showing buying intent.

What smart lead generation does for B2B  marketing

After increasing the amount of website leads and producing sales-ready leads with lead scoring capabilities, you’d think lead gen would be done. Not quite. The intelligence also allows your marketing to unleash MORE leads by following up paid for channels thanks to UTM tracking. Making it easy to identify your highest performing content and your biggest driver of traffic. Keeping both sales and marketing happy.

Why use CommuniGator as your lead generation provider?

As a heavily lead generation focused marketing team, we understand the importance of sales and marketing alignment. Whether you want to focus on the who, what or where, CommuniGator covers all the lead generation information you need in the most detail. You won’t find another lead generation provider that offer the sheer quantity and quality of information we do.