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Drip Marketing Software

Don’t drown your leads with information, drip feed it to them in a drip email campaign. Create campaigns that make sense to your leads and deliver content at pre-determined intervals.

What is drip marketing?

Drip marketing is a form of email marketing that allows you to deliver pre-written messages over time. The day of one mass marketed email to your contact list is gone. Instead, subconsciously supply your website leads with individualised emails that will convince them over time.

How drip email marketing can benefit you?

Drip email software doubles up as drip marketing automation too. Pre-plan your messages well in advance and even base content on what your website leads interact with. Use drip emails to ease your audience into your email marketing instead of scaring them with spam.

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The ins and outs of a drip campaign

The best drip marketing campaigns stagger content according to your audience engagement levels. Drip campaign software ensures each email you send makes sense and creates a smooth email marketing journey. You can even manage multiple drip campaigns at once!

Integrating drip marketing software

Whether you want to market to your website leads or improve your email marketing, a drip email marketing platform focuses on producing high-level results. Create a simplified step by step approach for any target audience, automate the execution and focus on reporting results.

Drip email marketing in today’s B2B world

The right content at the right time is not one mass marketed monthly email. Time may be money, but slow and steady wins the race. So, automate your marketing but drip email it in order to gain success.

Why use CommuniGator’s drip marketing model?

Our drip email marketing software is designed to work with any goal you have in mind. Whether it’s to increase inbound sales or smarten up your outbound approach. We customise to your company needs.