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B2B Email Marketing Software

Use email marketing software to create, collect, test and track individuals movements with your emails. Create email marketing campaigns that are effortless to implement

An intuitive email marketing platform

  • Simple interface where no HTML experience is required.
  • Make your email vision a reality with our drag & drop editor.
  • Visualise entire email journeys with our workflow tool.

Engage with your email contacts at every stage of the pipeline

  • Send the right content at the right time to the right person.
  • Create dynamic content based on your audiences’ preferences.
  • Segment, test, collect and report on every campaign from your CRM.

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CommuniGator Email Marketing Features & Benefits


Email Remarketing

Gain the ability to automatically respond to website behaviour with your email campaigns.

Re-attract website visitors with targeted email marketing campaigns.


Reporting & Data Analysis

Report on individual email recipients behaviour throughout their web & email journeys.

Get your website and CRM data updated almost instantaneously real-time reporting.


Dynamic Content

Personalise your email campaigns for each individual leads’ needs.

Personalise your emails and landing pages with various dynamic content options. From personalising names to entire paragraphs.


Landing Page Creator

Create dedicated landing zones for your email campaigns that match your website.

Landing zones allow you to create a place your email subscribers have already connected with.


Data Segmentation

Drill down & custom target your marketing campaigns to your rules.

Analyse who is in your contact database to understand your target market.


Email Deliverability

Email deliverability tool that measures how your content and send domain could be affecting your email deliverability rate.

Gain insight into what could be affecting your inbox placement & email campaigns. All with easy to digest deliverability metrics.

Improve your email marketing results

  • Send specific email campaigns based on your CRM data fields.
  • Include individual & bulk purchased data in your email campaigns.
  • Abide by less restrictive UK email marketing laws.

Email marketing software that automates your execution

Use the CommuniGator email marketing platform to generate and nurture new business opportunities for your sales team.

With CRM integration and automation, email marketing can form the backbone of your marketing pipeline.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is simply sending a targeted marketing message via email. How complex, dynamic or automated you want the message to be is defined by you. The more dynamic and tailored your message, the higher your marketing success and click rates will be.

How B2B email marketing software works?

If you want to create multiple dynamic email campaigns, you need email campaign software that understands what you are trying to achieve. From creating a professional look to adding multiple elements with an easy drag and drop editor. All in a responsive design template.

What you can achieve with email campaign management?

Email marketing best practice says you should send the right content at the right time. With our email campaign services, you can create dynamic content based on your audience and their individual movements. Keep them in an email campaign until they are sales-ready.