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Data Segmentation

Segment your data on a granular level to tailor and target your marketing campaigns. Personalise your sales and marketing approach. It’s the smarter way to contact your data

What is data segmentation?

Data segmentation is the division of contacts based on various criteria. The data you gather from your customers and store in your CRM gives you the ability to create relevant and timely messages. Analyse who is in your contact database to understand your true target market.

Why you need a data management system

Planning and building marketing campaigns takes enough time as it is. Keeping track of your customer segmentation can be a last-on-the-list priority. Data segmentation tools do it for you, leaving you time to focus on more important aspects than data admin.

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How to segment your data

Using lead & contact management, you can segment your contact list by industry, job title, relationship or a custom field. As well as contact behaviour and engagement – from emails, social media, events and your website. Whether done directly through your CRM or by uploading a .CSV, data collection and organising just got simpler.

Integrated contact management

Right from the initial contact, you can integrate your contact data. Behaviour, lead score, preferences, downloads and CRM. It all integrates into one collective management system. Target data lists or build contact groups for separate campaigns to achieve your goals.

Lead segmentation and your marketing

The more personalised your message, the more effective your marketing. Create custom campaigns for outbound prospects, inbound leads, customers and partners. Just define your data point before building your campaign. Sending triggered and tailored communications focused to your customer and prospects needs. Allowing your audience to determine their marketing journey.

Why use CommuniGator’s segmentation

As a marketing automation company, we like to make everything as easy as possible for marketers. That’s why we take care of customer segmentation at every level. Discover what else we can help you with.