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Lead Generation Masterclass

Create an actionable marketing plan

Your 12 Week Lead Generation Masterclass

As hardcore lead generation marketers ourselves, we are no stranger to trial and error when it comes to sales and marketing processes. We are constantly testing different methods to ensure we have the best outcome. Using our own experiences and successes we will guide you through the latest successful techniques that are guaranteed to boost your lead generation results and double your sales pipeline!

What you can expect in this free 12 week lead generation online course:

Week 1: Finding your marketing message
Week 2: Which keywords you should be focusing on
Week 3: Getting the right data for your campaign
Week 4: Creating a successful content marketing strategy
Week 5: Creating a campaign that nurtures leads
Week 6: Putting your campaign into action – what to do
Week 7: Launch week!
Week 8: Reporting on your campaign
Week 9: Repurposing the content in your campaign
Week 10: Analysing your marketing from a sales perspective
Week 11: What to do with non-engaged data
Week 12: 12 week round up

Join our 12 week digital masterclass