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Lead Scoring Software

Discover which of your website leads are ready to buy, who needs a little more time and prioritise your sales pipeline. All with lead scoring software.

What is lead scoring?

By assigning each lead a score based on how much they’ve interacted with your campaigns and website, we can tell your sales team who they can call right now. We’ll do it by using website tracking, page scoring, and analysis. Put simply, we’ll rank your website leads by how much interest they’ve shown.

Why you need to score your leads

Your sales team doesn’t want to trawl through spreadsheets and analysis, and they don’t have to. Neither does your all-too-busy marketing team. Lead scoring takes all your website data and analysis and delivers a simple numerical score which lets your marketing team tell sales who to chase straight away.

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Your B2B lead scoring model

What’s important to your business is important to your lead score. You can create a customised scoring system that measures the value of each interaction with your audience. Be confident that the prospects you’re contacting are ready for a sales discussion.

Ranking the leads in your pipeline

From applying a simple score to seeing how your leads are engaging to segmenting your leads activities to make your score more comprehensive. It can all be achieved. Just use our simple page scoring method to start. (Don’t worry, we can help you there too.)

Lead scoring & remarketing

With lead scoring, you can remarket to your prospects based on what you know they are interested in. Respond automatically to a lead with the right message at the right time. You don’t even have to delve into your data. Just base your messaging on segmentation, topic or overall score.

Why use CommuniGator’s lead scoring methodology?

Our method isn’t just customisable, it gives you a complete oversight of your marketing and sales activity in a simple score. It integrates with your CRM & your marketing campaigns for an instantly accessible rating.