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Reporting & Data Analysis

From tracking email engagement results to website interactions, you can now focus on the entire buyer journey with real-time reporting functions

What is real-time reporting?

Get your website and CRM data updated almost instantaneously with real-time reporting. It relies on identification and tracking tools to tell you what reactions are happening based on your marketing actions.

Why you need to track and report data

Marketing is no longer guess-work. Use reporting and data analysis to understand the effect your marketing has on your prospects. From email client analysis to post-click tracking, you can now follow the entire buyer journey.

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Integrating reporting functionality

For those already using a CRM, our software has been developed to become as detailed as possible. From defining killer values to creating complex criteria and triggering workflows with the click of a button. It can now all be integrated into your CRM account as quickly and easily as possible. This integration is built for businesses who want to see and report on the full sales progress within your CRM.

How reporting & data analysis work

Find out where people are clicking on your email, see who comes through your email and onto your website. See where your email could use improvement. Evaluate email mailing lists. Continuously measure results.

B2B marketing reports

If you want to be the best in business, you need to have statistics and facts to back up your marketing campaign strategy. We can help. Get granular data analysis to create individual marketing campaigns that convert more prospects.

Why use CommuniGator’s reporting software

We’re intuitive with your systems and easy to understand. There is no better way for the busy marketer to report than with CommuniGator. Discover a whole new world of reporting that can prove the ROI of your marketing budget.