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Marketing Workflow Management Software

Plan, build and review intricate campaigns that can react to any audience interaction with marketing workflow management. Automate your marketing for any eventuality.

What is a workflow app?

A marketing workflow allows you to tie together every individual element of your marketing automation strategy in one place. CRM, web tracking & triggers, email campaigns, timing delays and conditional logic. All of it included in a single-view drag and drop builder.

Why you need workflow management software?

For ease of use, efficiency and effectiveness, there is no equal to automated email workflows. Now you can build, manage and report on automated workflows from one place. Speed up campaign creation. Meet urgent deadlines. Respond to new requirements.

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Your workflow software

With powerful new functionality, the workflow tool allows you to build more sophisticated automatic processes in your communications. Use the intuitive drag and drop interface to plan or build detailed, automated campaigns, define your data points and see real-time visual reporting.

Workflow tools within your website

From defining your campaign with CRM data points to reporting on granular behaviour, it can all be done from within the workflow app. Whatever your focus and whatever your goal, you can use every and any element of your marketing strategy to create your email workflow campaign.

Workflow management and B2B marketing

Efficient, effective B2B marketing starts with automation. One marketing automation suite with the capability to include every element is as good as it gets. Make your marketing smarter. Use the best practice tools available to you.

Why use CommuniGator’s workflow app?

One solution that can customise itself to any company ambition. Why would you want anything other than workflow software? See what additional elements you can add to increase your marketing performance with us.