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Event Management Software

Gain higher conversion rates with face to face marketing without having to take extra time out of your schedule with event management software. Make effective event marketing a priority.

What is event management software?

Create, promote and manage your marketing events all from one platform. From the booking process to the follow up campaign. Improve conversion rates without increasing your workload with event management software.

Benefits of your automated event management?

Cut down paperwork with an automated booking form and improve the quality of data with integration features. Reduce your costs, get paid faster online and enhance the perception of your brand. All by using online event management.

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Using an event marketing tool

Automated event management handles everything. Choose a bespoke template, create an email campaign around your event and determine what you need. Even include social media automation to promote your event.

Automating & integrating event campaign management

From using customer data for the right details to using a drip campaign or social media to promote your event. It’s all achievable with CommuniGator’s event management software. We even integrate with your GoToWebinar account. It just depends on what event you want to host.

Your automated event marketing plan

Automate your event campaigns from start to finish to focus on the more important aspect – converting prospects. It’s all about the event on the day. Don’t get bogged down by event admin. Assign, automate and dedicate the extra time to making your event great.

Why use CommuniGator’s event management tool?

We know event marketing is just one part of a successful marketer’s strategy. That’s why we don’t just offer event management software. We cover so much more for the busy B2B marketer.