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Website Visitor Tracking Software

Track what your web traffic is looking at once they land on your website. Whether they come from your emails, social media or via a search engine. See what they’re interested in.

What is visitor tracking software?

Visitor tracking is essentially made up of two tools. IP identification and IP tracking software. The first identifies who your website leads are. The second tracks where they go on your website. You no longer have to predict your website leads visitor journey.

Why you need B2B website visitor tracking

Are you aware that 50% of your web traffic wants your business? Sort the sales opportunities from the scrooges by tracking online buying behaviour. Then tailor your sales pitches to what you know they’re looking at on your website.

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How website tracking can work for you

It couldn’t be simpler. List the web pages you want to track. Our IP tool sees who is coming and going on your website. Check our IP lookup platform to see what pages each of your identified leads have visited and when.

Integrating website tracking in your pipeline

Can you see your leads demonstrating buying behaviour? How about tracking them to your pricing page? We can. Find out where your website leads go on your website and determine how interested they are in your business based on the pages they look at.

Include visitor tracking in your B2B marketing

Want to know what your website leads are interested in? Simply watch them with your visitor tracking software. Then you’ll know which buyer journeys are working. Or use your new found knowledge to create a targeted content campaign based on their interests.

Why use CommuniGator’s visitor tracking software?

We won’t just show you who is looking at what on your website. We’ll also rank them according to how interested they are in your business. All to make your sales pipeline smoother. That’s just the start of what we offer too.