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Follow Up Campaigns

Follow up your leads and prospects according to their behaviour and engagement. Create and send automatic follow up email campaigns to keep your contacts intrigued. Effortlessly.

What is a follow up campaign?

In short, a follow up campaign continues your communications with a lead, based on their website email interactions. Whether by topic, level of interest or your own-predetermined rules, you can keep leads on their own custom lead nurturing journey for longer.

Why you need automatic follow up actions

Creating custom campaigns can be time-consuming and confusing. To make people feel special in your marketing can be difficult. With follow up campaigns, it’s not. Automatically tailor the experience based on their interactions, make them feel important & encourage engagement. As well as allowing your leads to set the pace and determine their journey and experience with you. All with minimum effort on your part.

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How follow ups work 

Follow up campaigns can be created off the back of any number of email campaigns. Whether it’s based on non-opens, invitations or topical interactions, you can create a follow up. All you need is a pre-determined set of rules and the messages you want to send. You can even set your follow up campaigns based on your customers and leads website behaviour, what pages they have visited and what content they have downloaded. Ensuring your are in constant contact with your leads based on their highest interests.

Integrating follow ups into your strategy

A follow up campaign simply extends your time for lead nurturing, while creating a customised email journey. It couldn’t be simpler to fit into your strategy. In fact, it warms leads up for sales, plying leads with the knowledge they need before sales get in touch. Saving both sales and marketing extra time.

B2B follow up campaigns for marketers

You set the pre-determined rules of the campaign. You decide what the follow up interactions and triggers are. You can alter and change them at any time. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Why use CommuniGator’s visitor tracking software?

We won’t just show you who is looking at what on your website. We’ll also rank them according to how interested they are in your business. All to make your sales pipeline smoother. That’s just the start of what we offer too.